Technobytes : Take a byte out of Technology with the 1 hour bite sized experiences inside the Ideeënlab.

Ideeënlab Technobytes is a fully digital maker space has come to life due to the collaboration between PlanB and the Ideeënlab : PlanB is an office space at the Hurk area in Eindhoven The Netherlands. PlanB facilitates smaller and medium sized companies and has plenty of room for growth inside the former Philips owned building. The building also houses Tafeltje 19 , a very nice place to order your lunch.

The space is situated on the second floor of the PlanB building. Starting date Friday Oktober 6h 2017

Every byte you take inside the lab will cost you something the lab needs.  We only do no-money trading inside the lab.

Check out our bytelist ( wishlist ) on the bottom of the page. This list is updated weekly.


Every item on the list will grant you access to one of the following :

  • 3D scan of your body/head
  • 3D print of your body/head
  • Medallion creation of your head
  • 1 hour VR multiplayer gaming session

If you don’t have anything on our bytelist but you still want to take a byte, please visit us and have a chat. There are a lot of people out there that need stuff that is lying around your basement, garage or attic.

In the future there will be 1 hour lessons about :

  • Virtual Reality app making
  • Augmented Reality app making
  • 2D game making
  • 3D game making
  • Video intro making
  • 2D graphics
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D animation
  • Phone apps
  • Web apps





  1. A Good graphics card for VR applications -> minimal GTX970 or better
  2. A refrigerator
  3. Recreational corner : a couch, two comfy chairs , a lounge table
  4. Working laptops with windows 10
  5. HDMI screen

Note : This website has been made as simple as possible. But not simpler….