Working team diary,

Day one:

It’s been an intense day. Starting with a visit of the lab, each of the mentors then presented themselves, meaning their backgrounds, works, projects and interests; arousing already everyone’s enthusiasm. The introduction was followed by a serie of mini workshops showing possibilities and approaching general topics  :

How do we switch from digital to physical ?

How can we perform body recognition ?

What kind of perceptions do we wish to add to human anatomy ?

What are the appropriate tools enabling this transitions/translations ?



The general intention being to catch students interests and involvement, by showing and explaining them the basics of technologies, step by step; and getting them more familiar with this field.

The afternoon began with a general brainstorm of many ( and crazy) ideas, followed by a voting in order to pick the most relevant ideas, take quick decisions and narrow down the topics, allowing a forming of the different teams and start working on a concept !

Energy level was already rising up …