A pillow that gives you tissues in case of heartache, a fridge owning the lips and the voice of your faraway partner, an interactive washing machine answering your movements … Smart-objects and interactive technologies open a new window to human imagination and possibilities within our daily lifestyle. The digital wave is increasingly coming into our physical reality, rising up questions, ideas and critics when it comes to envisioning the wideness of future possibilities !
During the three passed days, Ideeenlab and DAE Social Design students brought together technological skills and innovative ideas into projects developing. With the help and support of Ideeen’s team, they were given a new access to programming,coding, laser-cutting, 3D printing, building electronic circuits and devices, in order to bring their own critical and original viewpoint, describing, envisioning, criticizing scenarios of tomorrow.
Collaboration enabled to enter a new world and discover a great variety of opportunities, hence, let’s keep the door open !!
Thanking to :

+ Jesse Howard

+ Thibault Brevet

+ Jesse Kirschner

+ Harris Sunyoto

+ Dick Jansen (info@ideeenlab.nl)

+ Stijn de Mil from fablabfactory.com