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Our mission : Collectively discover strange new technologies and boldy go where no man has gone before….

The Ideeenlab is a lab where Ideas are realised.

These ideas are realised during so-called ‘Makeathons’. These makeathons are 1 or 2 days of intense coding and designing in order to get a working prototype to prove the validity of an idea.

Within these makeathons professionals are invited to participate.

The lab has a focus on ideas realisable with VR, AR and IOT.

IFM #01 – Virtual Epilepsy

This Friday March 4 2016, Ideeenlab (Baltesakker, Eindhoven North) launched its first “Ideeenlab Friday Makeathon”, or IFM #01. The first challenge was to build a virtual reality application that makes the user experience epilepsy!

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Makehaton : Day 3

Working team Diary: Final day ! We are very happy to conclude that goals were all reached ! Which, considering the time and possibilities, constitutes an impressive and promising experience! On that last day, mentors highlighted the increasing ability of students to...
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Makeathon : Day 2

Working team Diary : Day 2 What a exhausting and exciting day ! Most of the students slept in the lab, maintaining the dynamics and the energy level up. On the morning, and after a short brief between each groups and the mentors (clearing up minds and ideas) everyone...
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Makeathon: Day 1

Working team diary, Day one: It's been an intense day. Starting with a visit of the lab, each of the mentors then presented themselves, meaning their backgrounds, works, projects and interests; arousing already everyone's enthusiasm. The introduction was followed by a...
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Hack, learn and make : DAE Makeathon Introduction

A pillow that gives you tissues in case of heartache, a fridge owning the lips and the voice of your faraway partner, an interactive washing machine answering your movements ... Smart-objects and interactive technologies open a new window to human imagination and...
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Design Academy Makeathon Day 2

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Impact Jam 1.0

Op 15 mei 2015 was er weer een Impact Jam event, georganiseerd door Ideeënlab and Mad Emergent Art centre - de Impact Jam 1.0. Deze dag vol technische en IT inspiratie was bedoeld voor mensen die graag meer willen weten over innovatieve IT technieken. We boden de...
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Epilepsie Hackathon: Zorgen voor Andere Mensen

Op 24-26 april 2015 nam Dick Janssen van het Ideeënlab samen met de innovatieve kunstenares Frederique Manders (MaMa Produkties) deel aan de Hack Epilepsy hackathon in Brussel, georganiseerd door het bedrijf UCB. Ontwikkelaars, ontwerpers en epilepsie-experts...
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CouldBee wint bij de Living Data City Challenge Hackathon

Op twee prachtige dagen in april (11-12 april 2015) nam het Ideeënlab deel aan de Living Data City Challenge hackathon bij de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. Daar werkten multidisciplinaire teams aan oplossingen voor de leefbaarheidsproblematiek van grote...
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Interview met Dick Janssen

Interview door #agentsQ (engels).
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